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This folder contains the data behind the story 'Straight Outta Compton' Is The Rare Biopic Not About White Dudes.

biopics.csv contains the following variables:

Variable Definition
title Title of the film.
site URL from IMDB.
country Country of origin.
year_released Year of release.
box_office Gross earnings at U.S. box office.
director Director of film.
number_of_subjects The number of subjects featured in the film.
subject The actual name of the featured subject.
type_of_subject The occupation of subject or reason for recognition.
race_known Indicates whether the subject’s race was discernible based on background of self, parent, or grandparent.
subject_race Race of the subject.
person_of_color Dummy variable that indicates person of color.
subject_sex Sex of subject.
lead_actor_actress The actor or actress who played the subject.

Source: IMDb.