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This folder contains data behind the story Our Guide To The Exuberant Nonsense Of College Fight Songs.

fight-songs.csv contains data about fight songs from all schools in the Power Five conferences — the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC — plus Notre Dame. Some schools have more than one fight song, and some of the songs sanctioned as “official” by their schools aren’t the ones that fans sing out. We chose the songs that seemed best-known and best-loved. We also limited our analysis to the lyrics sung most regularly and also published by the school, so some verses were not included in the analysis. The tempo and length information come from the version of the song we chose from those available on Spotify.

Column definitions:

Column Description
school School name
conference School college football conference
song_name Song title
writers Song author
year Year the song written. Some values are Unknown
student_writer Was the author a student? Some values are Unknown
official_song Is the song the official fight song according to the university?
contest Was the song chosen as the result of a contest?
bpm Beats per minute
sec_duration Duration of song in seconds
fight Does the song say “fight”?
number_fights Number of times the song says “fight”?
victory Does the song say “victory”?
win_won Does the song say “win” or “won”?
victory_win_won Does the song say “victory,” “win” or “won”?
rah Does the song say “rah”?
nonsense Does the song use nonsense syllables (e.g. "Whoo-Rah" or "Hooperay")
colors Does the song mention the school colors?
men Does the song refer to a group of men (e.g. men, boys, sons, etc.)?
opponents Does the song mention any opponents?
spelling Does the song spell anything?
trope_count Total number of tropes (fight, victory, win_won, rah, nonsense,colors, men, opponents, and spelling).
spotify_id Spotify id for the song
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