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This folder contains the data behind the story We Watched 906 Foul Balls To Find Out Where The Most Dangerous Ones Land.

foul-balls.csv contains 906 foul balls collected from the most foul-heavy day at each of the the 10 stadiums that produced the most foul balls, as of June 5, 2019. Batted-ball data is from Baseball Savant.

Column Description
matchup The two teams that played
game_date Date of the most foul-heavy day at each stadium
type_of_hit Fly, grounder, line drive, pop up or batter hits self
exit_velocity Recorded exit velocity of each hit -- blank if not provided
predicted_zone The zone we predicted the foul ball would land in by gauging angles
camera_zone The zone that the foul ball landed in, confirmed by footage
used_zone The zone used for analysis
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