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This folder contains data behind the story Marriage Isn’t Dead — Yet.

Source for all data is Decennial Census (years 1960 to 2000) and American Community Survey (years 2001-2012), via IPUMS USA.

Except in the divorce file, figures represent share of the relevant population that has never been married (MARST == 6 in the IPUMS data). Note that in the story, charts generally show the share that have ever been married, which is simply 1 - n. In the divorce file, figures are share of the relevant population that is currently divorced, conditional on having ever been married.

Variable names are as follows. Number in variable names are age ranges, so all_2534 is the marriage rate for everyone ages 25 to 34.

Header Description
all Total (or all men/women in sex-specific files)
HS High school graduate or less (EDUCD < 65)
SC Some college (EDUCD >= 65 & <= 100)
BAp Bachelor's degree or more (EDUCD > 100)
BAo Bachelor's degree, no graduate degre (EDUCD > 100 & <= 113)
GD Graduate degree (EDUCD > 113)
White Non-Hispanic white
Black Black or African-American
Hisp Hispanic of any race
NE New England (REGION == 11)
MA Mid-Atlantic (REGION == 12)
Midwest Midwest (REGION == 21-23)
South South (REGION == 31-34)
Mountain Mountain West (REGION == 41)
Pacific Pacific (REGION == 42)
poor Family income in lowest 25%
mid Family income in middle 50%
rich Family income in top 25%
work Employed 50+ weeks prior year
nowork Not employed at least 50 weeks prior year
nokids_all No own children living at home
kids_all At least one own child living at home