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Media Mentions 2020

This folder contains the data behind a series of stories about how often 2020 Democratic candidates are mentioned in cable news.

cable_weekly.csv contains the mentions of currently declared major candidates for the 2020 Democratic primary since December 30, 2018 across CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. The TV News Archive measures coverage by splitting daily news footage into 15-second clips and finding the clips that contain a mention of our search query. Our search queries are the full names of each candidate.

Column Description
date Start date for the week of coverage. A week of coverage spans from Sunday through Saturday. The cutoff for measuring coverage for any given day is midnight Eastern Standard Time. (Clock changes for Daylight Saving Time are ignored.)
name Candidate's name
matched_clips Number of 15-second clips that match the query
total_clips Total number of 15-second clips that week across the three networks
pct (matched_clips / total_clips) * 100
query Query for the GDELT Television API

Data is collected using the GDELT Television API, which processes the data from the TV News Archive.

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