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NBA Draft 2015

This folder contains data behind the story Projecting The Top 50 Players In The 2015 NBA Draft Class.

historical_projections.csv contains historical results of the NBA draft projection model, 2001-2015.

Header Definition
Player Player name
Position The player's position going into the draft
ID The player's identification code
Draft Year The year the player was eligible for the NBA draft
Projected SPM The model's projected statistical plus/minus over years 2-5 of the player's NBA career
Superstar Probability of becoming a superstar player (1 per draft, SPM >= +3.3)
Starter Probability of becoming a starting-caliber player (10 per draft, SPM >= +0.5)
Role Player Probability of becoming a role player (25 per draft, SPM >= -1.4)
Bust Probability of becoming a bust (everyone else, SPM < -1.4)