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NFL Favorite Team

This folder contains data behind the story The Rams Are Dead To Me, So I Answered 3,352 Questions To Find A New NFL Team.

team-picking-categories.csv contains grades for each NFL franchise in 16 categories, to be used to pick a new favorite team.

abbrev category
FRL Fan relations - Courtesy by players, coaches and front offices toward fans, and how well a team uses technology to reach them
OWN Ownership - Honesty; loyalty to core players and the community
PLA Players - Effort on the field, likability off it
FUT Future wins - Projected wins over next 5 seasons
BWG Bandwagon Factor - Are the team's next 5 years likely to be better than their previous 5?
TRD Tradition - Championships/division titles/wins in team's entire history
BNG Bang for the buck - Wins per fan dollars spent
BEH Behavior - Suspensions by players on team since 2007, with extra weight to transgressions vs. women
NYP Proximity to New York City
SLP Proximity to St. Louis
AFF Affordability - Price of tickets, parking and concessions
SMK Small Market - Size of market in terms of population, where smaller is better
STX Stadium experience - Quality of venue; fan-friendliness of environment; frequency of game-day promotions
CCH Coaching - Strength of on-field leadership
UNI Uniform - Stylishness of uniform design, according to Uni Watch's Paul Lukas
BMK Big Market - Size of market in terms of population, where bigger is better

Should be used in conjunction with weights derived from a survey structured like this: http://www.allourideas.org/nflteampickingsample.