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NFL Wide Receivers

This folder contains data behind the story The Football Hall Of Fame Has A Receiver Problem.

advanced-historical.csv contains advanced career stats for NFL receivers, 1932-2013.

Header Definition
pfr_player_id Player identification code at Pro-Football-Reference.com
player_name The player's name
career_try Career True Receiving Yards
career_ranypa Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt (relative to average) of player's career teams, weighted by TRY w/ each team
career_wowy The amount by which career_ranypa exceeds what would be expected from his QBs' (age-adjusted) performance without the receiver
bcs_rating The number of yards per game by which a player would outgain an average receiver on the same team, after adjusting for teammate quality and age (update of http://www.sabernomics.com/sabernomics/index.php/2005/02/ranking-the-all-time-great-wide-receivers/)

try-per-game-aging-curve.csv contains receiver aging curve definitions.

Header Definition
age_from The age (as of December 31st) the player is moving from
age_to The age (as of December 31st) the player is moving to
trypg_change Expected change in TRY/game from one age-season to the next