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Trump Lawsuits

This folder contains the data behind the stories:

Variable Description Values
docketNumber Current docket number
dateFiled Date lawsuit was originally filed
caseName Case name (current)
plaintiff Names of plaintiffs (if more than five, "et al" for plaintiffs who are not in case name)
defendant Names of defendants (if more than five, "et al" for defendants who are not in case name)
currentLocation Court the lawsuit is currently in front of
previousLocation Other courts the case has appeared before
jurisdiction Where the case is being heard 1 = Federal; 2 = State
judge Names of the judges the case is currently before
nature PACER code for nature of lawsuit (Not relevant for criminal cases) https://www.pacer.gov/documents/natsuit.pdf
capacity The capacity in which Trump is implicated 1 = Case directed at Trump personally; 2 = Case directed at action of Trump administration; 3 = Trump as plaintiff; 4 = Trump administration as plaintiff; 5 = Case directed at Trump associate; 6 = Other
type Criminal vs. civil 1 = Criminal; 2 = Civil
TrumpCategory Whether the case is related to action before Trump was president, his personal conduct as president, or a policy action as president 1 = Case directed at pre-presidency action; 2 = Case directed at personal action of Trump as president; 3 = Case directed at policy action of Trump as president
issue Key topic area raised in the case (i.e. emoluments, First Amendment, DACA, etc). Categories created based on key policy topic area or legal issue. Calls are subjective and based on reporting and may change.
docketOrig Original docket number, if case has been appealed or changed jurisdiction