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BenCasselman Update education variable.
Replaces numeric codes with descriptive labels in education variable, and fixes problem with treatment of NAs. h/t J. Hathaway (hathawayj) for flagging.
Latest commit 3371895 Jun 2, 2017

Code and data behind FiveThirtyEight's Gun Deaths in America project.

There are five files in this repository:

  • CDC_parser.R - code to download, clean and parse data from the CDC's Multiple Cause of Death datafile.
  • interactive_prep.R - code to generate the data behind our interactive data visualization.
  • interactive_data.csv - clean data behind our interactive data visualization
  • full_data.csv - cleaned gun-death data from the CDC for 2012-2014.
  • SHR_parser.R - code to clean and parse data from the FBI's Supplementary Homicide Reports.

Questions/comments/corrections: email Ben Casselman