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Historical RAPTOR and other NBA data.
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Historical RAPTOR and other NBA data.

Category Description
player_id Basketball-Reference player ID
name_common Player name
year_id Season
age Age as of Feb. 1
pos Position
team_id Team ID
tmRtg Team net rating
franch_id Franchise ID
G Games
Min Minutes
MP% % of available team minutes played
MPG Minutes per game
P/36 Points per 36 min (pace adj)
TS% True Shooting %
A/36 Assists per 36 min (pace adj)
R/36 Rebounds per 36 min (pace adj)
SB/36 Steals + Blocks per 36 min (pace adj)
TO/36 Turnovers per 36 min (pace adj)
Raptor O Offensive RAPTOR
Raptor D Defensive RAPTOR
Raptor+/- Overall RAPTOR
Raptor WAR RAPTOR Wins Above Replacement
PIE% Player Impact Estimate
AWS% PIE%, but using Alternate Win Score as the metric
USG% Usage Rate
AST% Assist Rate
TOV% Turnover Rate
ORB% Offensive Rebounding Rate
DRB% Defensive Rebounding Rate
TRB% Total Rebounding Rate
STL% Steal percentage
BLK% Block rate
ORtg Individual Pts created/100 possessions
%Pos Share of team possessions used on court
DRtg Individual Pts allowed/100 possessions
2P% 2-point FG%
3P% 3-point FG%
FT% Free throw %
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