Complete collection of tutorials for the FIWARE ecosystem
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FIWARE Step-by-Step Tutorials

Documentation License: MIT Support badge Docker
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This is a collection of tutorials for the FIWARE platform. Each tutorial consists of a series of exercises to demonstrate the correct use of individual FIWARE components and shows the flow of context data within a simple Smart Solution either by connecting to a series of dummy IoT devices or manipulating the context directly or programmatically.


To download the full set of tutorials, simply clone this repository:

git clone
cd tutorials.Step-by-Step/
git submodule update --init --recursive

Docker and Docker Compose

Each tutorial runs all components using Docker. Docker is a container technology which allows to different components isolated into their respective environments.

  • To install Docker on Windows follow the instructions here
  • To install Docker on Mac follow the instructions here
  • To install Docker on Linux follow the instructions here

Docker Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications. A series of *.yaml files are used configure the required services for the application. This means all container services can be brought up in a single command. Docker Compose is installed by default as part of Docker for Windows and Docker for Mac, however Linux users will need to follow the instructions found here

You can check your current Docker and Docker Compose versions using the following commands:

docker-compose -v
docker version

Please ensure that you are using Docker version 18.03 or higher and Docker Compose 1.21 or higher and upgrade if necessary.


The tutorials which use HTTP requests supply a collection for use with the Postman utility. Postman is a testing framework for REST APIs. The tool can be downloaded from

Cygwin for Windows

We will start up our services using a simple Bash script. Windows users should download cygwin to provide a command-line functionality similar to a Linux distribution on Windows.


Most tutorials supply a services script to start the containers:

cd <tutorial-name>
./services start

Following the tutorial exercises via Postman

Each tutorial submodule contains one or more docker-compose.yml files, along with a Postman collection containing the necessary HTTP requests: import the collection into Postman and follow the instructions.

Following the tutorial exercises from the command-line

Each submodule contains full instructions in README which details the appropriate bash commands (cUrl and Docker Compose) to run.

Full instructions can be found within the documentation


MIT © FIWARE Foundation e.V.