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Shmapper - Sharepoint Mapper

Shmapper is a lightweight mapper for Sharepoint lists (2010 and 2013) for CSOM.
Maps ListItem fields to strongly typed entities and provides handy interface to work with them.
Wiki: Mapping How-to / Comparison with alternatives / CSOM Info

Main Features

  • Attribute-based mapper for POCO entities
  • All basic CRUD operations for collections and single entities
  • Supports LINQ-filters for entities

Fast and Simple

  • Loads only mapped fields
  • LINQ queries converted to CAML (by Camlex.Net)
  • ExecuteQuery() called few times as possible

Basic Usage

var SharepointClient = new SharepointClient("sharepoint-url", new NetworkCredential("user", "password"));
var CustomersByQuery = SharepointClient.Query<SpCustomer>(c => c.Title == "Cisco");

// Mapping:
public class SpCustomer : ISharepointItem
  public int Id { get; set; }

  public string Title { get; set; }

All requests will be translated to CAML query.
For example, expression SharepointClient.Query(c => c.Title == "Cisco") will be translated to:

<!-- Produced CAML query -->
				<FieldRef Name="TitleInternalName" />
				<Value Type="Text">Cisco</Value>
		<FieldRef Name="IdInternalName" />
		<FieldRef Name="TitleInternalName" />

More Examples


There are 2 ways to use this library:

Road Map

  • Check exotic fields (system, non writable, etc)
  • Support more field types
  • More documentation
  • Test with Sharepoint 2016
  • Check mapping method (?)
  • Exception handling (?)