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A Google Glass client for the Telemachus plugin to Kerbal Space Program.


For a full feature overview, see the intro video

  • Display critical information on your ship's status (altitude, velocity, orbit, electric charge, fuel supply)
  • Docking view ("OK glass... docking view"). Shows RCS fuel remaining and the relative alignment of your craft to the docking target
  • Voice status updates and warnings for attaining circular orbit, bringing periapsis too close to a planet's atmosphere, and running low on electricity
    • Electricity warning includes automatic override to switch off time scaling (disable via "Ok glass... toggle alert guard"). This guards against my most common mistake... Failing to deploy solar panels after achieving orbit. ;)

How To Use

  1. Install Kerbal Space Program
  2. Install the Telemachus Plugin ([github project](, [releases](
  3. Compile and side-load Nausicaa into your Google Glass ([compile guide](, [side-load tips](
  4. Run Kerbal Space Program, build a craft that includes the Telemachus components, and start the mission.
  5. Launch Nausicaa ("OK Glass, start a flight")
  6. Set up Nausicaa to point to your Telemachus instance:
    1. Set the telemetry source ("OK Glass, set telemetry source")
    2. Choose IP host ("OK Glass, Change Host.... one nine two dot one six eight dot one dot two")
    3. Choose IP port ("OK Glass, Change Port.... eight zero eight zero")
    4. Swipe down to return to the main view
  7. You should now see critical information about your ship in the main Telemachus view!

P.A.Q. (Preemptively-asked questions)


What version of Telemachus / Kerbal Space Program will this work with?

Tested with KSP 0.24 and Telemachus v. I don't anticipate compatibility issues with future versions of Telemachus / KSP, but your mileage may vary.


I don't have Glass. Can I make this work on another device?

I'm definitely receptive to patches to enable another platform. Anecdotally, I've tried launching this on a regular Android phone and it's almost completely working (just some work needed on the menus to bind them in appropriately without Glass's voice support). You may also be interested in kerbal-watch, a Telemachus client for the Pebble watch.

I don't really play Kerbal Space Program, but this UI is nifty. Can I make this work with another program?

The software isn't architected to be modular in terms of adapting to another app, but I'm definitely not against it. Pass me a patch or make a fork, and we'll see what we can do.


I want to use parts of this, but my project isn't compatible with the Apache license.

I'm extremely open to building forks that could be licensed on a case-by-case basis; contact me at for more information. Note that I don't own the copyright to the web-sockets library, so you will need to either independently contact that library's owner or replace that library with your own solution for web-socket access.


It didn't work!

If you're having issues, definitely submit a bug report on the issue tracker, and I'll look into it. Alternatively, you can reach me by email at

These colors are weird

What, you don't like the traditional green and purple of aviation instruments? ;)

The green-purple color scheme is actually working around a weird bug where the multithreading into Websockets appears to be interacting strangely with Glass's rendering; at a rate synchronized with how often Nausicaa gets data from Telemachus, the blue and red color channels flip, leading to UI elements with blue and red in them blinking annoyingly. When I find the source of that bug, I'll switch over to a red-yellow-green color scheme.

On the other hand, it's nice to be colorblindness-compliant!

Special Thanks

Nausicaa would not have been possible without the following contributions:

  • Richard Bunt, for authoring the Telemachus interface and being incredibly responsive to bugfixes and patches!
  • Amanda Leight, first tester besides myself.


Google Glass client for the Telemachus plugin to Kerbal Space Program




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