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using System;
namespace Fixie
/// <summary>
/// Represents an original exception that has surfaced via a reflection call such as calling MethodInfo.Invoke.
/// The reflection API wraps the root cause of a failed method invocation by wrapping it in a type such as TargetInvocationException.
/// Instead of reporting a reflection implementation detail like TargetInvocationException as a test case failure, and
/// instead of mistakenly rethrowing the original InnerException (which tramples the stack trace), wrap the original
/// InnerException in a PreservedException and throw it. When a PreservedException is reported to Fixie as the reason
/// for a test failure, the original exception will be unpacked and reported as the actual cause of the test case failure.
/// </summary>
public class PreservedException : Exception
public PreservedException(Exception originalException)
OriginalException = originalException;
public Exception OriginalException { get; }