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NOTE You may not need this plugin because of this commit.

NOTE The API has drastically changed from v0.4.0 to v0.5.0.


Allow panning from nodes/edges (demo)


  • Cytoscape.js ^3.2.0

Usage instructions

Download the library:

  • via npm: npm install cytoscape-anywhere-panning,
  • via unpkg:

Import the library as appropriate for your project:

ES import:

import cytoscape from 'cytoscape';
import anywherePanning from 'cytoscape-anywhere-panning';

cytoscape.use( anywherePanning );

CommonJS require:

let cytoscape = require('cytoscape');
let anywherePanning = require('cytoscape-anywhere-panning');

cytoscape.use( anywherePanning ); // register extension


require(['cytoscape', 'cytoscape-anywhere-panning'], function( cytoscape, anywherePanning ){
  anywherePanning( cytoscape ); // register extension

Plain HTML/JS has the extension registered for you automatically, because no require() is needed.



    // Drag threshold in pixel.
    // The panning starts only after the distance between start cursor position
    // to the current cursor position beyond the "threshold".
    threshold: 10,

    // A function list which receive cytoscape.EventObject and returns boolean.
    // When non functions return true, anywhere panning is ignored.
    // Note that when no activators are specfied, the default activators like
    // below is used.
    activators: [
        function(evt) {
            if (evt instanceof MouseEvent) {
                // Enable when user drag with left button
                return evt.originalEvent.button === 0;
            else if (evt instanceof TouchEvent) {
                // Enable when user drag with one finger
                return evt.originalEvent.touches.length === 1;
            return false;

// An event which is emitted when panning has started.
// The second argument is an event for "vmousedown".
cy.on('awpanstart', function(evt, evt2) {
    panning = 'started';

// An event which is emitted when the cursor has moved during panning.
// The second argument is an event for "vmousemove".
cy.on('awpanmove', function(evt, evt2) {
    panning = 'moving';

// An event which is emitted when the panning has ended.
// The second argument is an event for "vmouseup".
cy.on('awpanend', function(evt, evt2) {
    panning = 'ended';

Build targets

  • npm run build : Build ./src/** into dist/index.js
  • npm run lint : Run eslint on the source

Publishing instructions

This project is set up to automatically be published to npm and bower. To publish:

  1. Build the extension : npm run build
  2. Commit the build : git commit -am "Build for release"
  3. Bump the version number and tag: npm version major|minor|patch
  4. Push to origin: git push && git push --tags
  5. Publish to npm: npm publish .