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Proca by Fix the Status Quo is a digital action toolkit for campaigners which allows campaign actions to be embedded on your website. Proca Widgets can be used for actions such as signing petitions and twitterstorms, mail-to-target, social media campaigns and more. Supporter sign-ups can be collected and stored securely, actions taken are tracked so you can see what works well, and social media share options can be easily integrated.

Looking to contribute

Proca has a split tech architecture where the frontend is in React and the backend is in Elixir.

If you want to push automatically new supporters to your CRM, check out our sync repository.

contributions to integrate with other CRMs are more than welcome

Community and code of conduct

Our vision is for radical change in society in a socialist, feminist, antiracist and sustainable direction. Our role within that is to make online campaigning easier and more effective and we are building a flexible and easy to use action tool which has all the useful features to help progressive campaigners change the world. We hope to help grow a diverse online community of progressive campaigners, technologists and activists who will support each other, share tricks and stories and grow together.


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    Widget to transform your website into a cutting-edge campaign in 10 min. multi-lingual, privacy first.

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