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Learn how to implement scalable APIs with GraphQL and ASP.NET Core. Branch wise code with relevant topic for smooth and easy walkthrough.
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GraphQL with ASP.NET Core - A 10 Part Blog Series

This repository contains a series of posts with branch wise code on builing scalable GraphQL end-points with ASP.NET Core. Each branch has its own readme where you can find rach relevent post. You can also read the series from my blog,

Ask anything you want in the comment section of my blog.

Running the application

  • Download the zip or clone the project
  • Make sure you have necessary dotnet core sdks installed (I'm using ASP.NET Core 2.1)

  • Build and run the project

dotnet build dotnet run

Optional ( If you want a real database behind the scene )

  • Make sure you have Postgres installed in your system

  • Change the connection string in appsettings.json to target your local posgres database.
  • From command line go to the root of the project and create a db migration script

dotnet ef migrations add Initial -o Data/Migrations

  • Apply migration in your database

dotnet ef database update


Part I - Hello World

Part II - Middleware

Part III - Dependency Injection

Part IV - GraphiQL - An in-browser IDE

Part V - Fields, Arguments, Variables

Part VI - Persist Data - Postgres with EF Core

Part VII - Mutation

Part VIII - Entity Relations - One to Many

Part IX - Entity Relations - Many to Many

Part X - Data Loader

Video Tutorials

Coming Soon...


Joe McBride - Thanks for providing an awesome community driven project


Jon Galloway - Thanks for featuring posts on ASP.NET Community Standup

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