A jQuery / Zepto plugin to fit text on one line.
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Shrinks a piece of text to fit on one line.


<div class="outer">
  <div class="inner fit-text">This text needs to fit on one line.</div>

Make sure the outer container has a set width:

.outer {
  width: 100%;

.inner {
  font-size: 16px;

.fit-text {
  white-space: nowrap;
  visibility: hidden;

Once the HTML is in the DOM:

  fit: function($el) {


  // Minimum limits for letter spacing and font size
  font-size: 12,
  letter-spacing: 1,

  fit: function($el) {
    // Text was fitted onto one line. $el is text object.
  noFit: function($el) {
    // Text could not be fitted as the limits were reached,
    // but the text has limits applied.
    // $el is text object.
  • .fit-text is the text that you need to fit on one line.
  • font-size is the minimum font-size to shrink to.
  • letter-spacing is the minimum letter-spacing to shrink to.
  • fit/noFit are called after the text was fitted / not fitted.


The script reduces the letter spacing by 1px at a time, until the text fits on one line or the letter-spacing limit is reached.

If the letter spacing limit is reached without a fit, the font size is reduced by 1px, and the letter spacing is reset to the original value. Letter spacing is then reduced as above.

If the font-size and the letter-spacing limits are both reached without a fit, the script ends and the noFit callback is run. Otherwise, the fit callback is run.