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package com.twitter.birdname
import java.util.concurrent.Executors
import scala.collection.mutable
import com.twitter.util._
import config._
class BirdNameServiceImpl(config: BirdNameServiceConfig) extends BirdNameServiceServer {
val serverName = "BirdName"
val thriftPort = config.thriftPort
* These services are based on finagle, which implements a nonblocking server. If you
* are making blocking rpc calls, it's really important that you run these actions in
* a thread pool, so that you don't block the main event loop. This thread pool is only
* needed for these blocking actions. The code looks like:
* // Depends on com.twitter.util >= 1.6.10
* val futurePool = new FuturePool(Executors.newFixedThreadPool(config.threadPoolSize))
* def hello() = futurePool {
* someService.blockingRpcCall
* }
val database = new mutable.HashMap[String, String]()
def get(key: String) = {
database.get(key) match {
case None =>
log.debug("get %s: miss", key)
Future.exception(new BirdNameException("No such key"))
case Some(value) =>
log.debug("get %s: hit", key)
def put(key: String, value: String) = {
log.debug("put %s", key)
database(key) = value
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