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This creates a standard environment for your twitter-centric sbt/scala thrift service.


:$ rake build
:$ gem install pkg/scala-bootstrapper-*.gem


:$ mkdir birdname
:$ cd birdname
:$ scala-bootstrapper birdname
:$ sbt update test


:$ less

Git support

You can track files generated by scala-bootstrapper in a Git branch, and later merge changes from the branch (e.g. to rename a project, or to upgrade to a newer version of scala-bootstrapper.

To get started:

:$ scala-bootstrapper --git foo

For a brand-new project (no .git directory) this will initialize a Git repo in the directory, generate files into the scala-bootstrapper branch, and merge the branch to master.

For an existing project, this will generate files into the scala-bootstrapper branch, and merge it to the current branch without actually taking the changes (just making scala-bootstrapper a parent of the current branch to anchor future merges). This is to avoid clobbering files if you had previously run scala-bootstrapper without the --git option (or created files some other way). If you want to merge the changes and manually resolve any conflicts, do

:$ git cherry-pick --no-commit scala-bootstrapper

Once the scala-bootstrapper branch is created, subsequent runs will generate files into the branch and merge it to the current branch; if there are conflicts you can resolve them in the usual way.

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