A small Solr plugin exposing basic geographical search functionality provided by lucene-spatial in Solr 1.4
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solr-spatial-light is a lightweight Solr plugin that exposes the basic geographical search capabilities of lucene-spatial. Its aim is to be unobtrusive, unopinionated, and semantic.

Installation and Setup

First, clone the latest source from GitHub:

$ git clone git://github.com/outoftime/solr-spatial-light.git

If you don't have git and don't want to install it, you can also download a tarball or zip archive from http://github.com/outoftime/solr-spatial-light (look for the "Download Source" link.

Next, build the application and copy the jars into your solr installation:

$ cd solr-spatial-light
$ ant
$ cp dist/solr-spatial-light-X.X.X.jar lib/lucene-spatial-2.9.1-dev.jar $SOLR_HOME/lib

Replace $SOLR_HOME with the directory that contains your conf/ and (maybe) data/ directories. It might not have a lib/ directory; you should create it. Don't confuse this with the topmost folder of the example Solr install, which also contains a lib/ directory (along with start.jar).

Now, you'll need to add the solr-spatial search component to your solrconfig.xml:

<searchComponent name="spatial" class="me.outofti.solrspatiallight.SpatialQueryComponent" />

Then you'll need to add that search component into your standard request handler. Look for the node <requestHandler name="standard" ...> node in your solrconfig.xml, and add the spatial component as follows:

<requestHandler name="standard" class="solr.searchHandler" default="true">
  <arr name="last-components">

Your schema.xml will need a latitude field and a longitude field of type TrieDoubleField. These can be called whatever you'd like, but the default is "lat" and "lng", so here's that:

<field name="lat"  type="tdouble" indexed="true" stored="false" />
<field name="lng"  type="tdouble" indexed="true" stored="false" />

And you're done.

Performing spatial searches

solr-spatial-light allows you to perform distance-based filtering and sorting. In any given search, you can filter, sort, or do both (or neither) based on distance from a given geographical location. The entire spatial component of your search is specified in the spatial parameter. Here's an example of what the spatial parameter would look like:

spatial={!radius=10.0 sort=true}lat:40.0,lng:-70.0

This will instruct solr-spatial-light to only return results whose "lat" and "lng" fields contain coordinates within 10 miles of <40,-70>, and to sort the results in ascending order of distance from that location. Both the radius and the sort local parameters are optional; however, if neither is specified, then the spatial request will have no effect other than a performance penalty. Note also that "lat" and "lng" are the default field names for those fields, and thus can be omitted in this case ("40.0,-70.0" would have been equivalent). They are included here for clarity.

You can combine spatial sorting with other sorts. If you specify one or more field sorts in the sort parameter, they will take precedence over spatial sort. This is because it is unlikely that any two documents will have equal distance from the centerpoint; thus giving spatial sort precedence over any other sort would have the same effect as removing that sort altogether.


Much work is being done to build robust spatial search into Solr 1.5. This plugin is not intended as a replacement for or alternative to that work; rather, its purpose is to provide a rough and ready solution to perform spatial search with Solr 1.4 until the real deal is released. More on the Solr 1.5 spatial support here:


Also, the JTeam, who has been a major contributor to Solr spatial efforts, has released a plugin version of some of the Solr-773 work. Their plugin looks considerably more robust in its implementation than solr-spatial-light, but doesn't appear to support distance sorting at this point:


Feedback, etc.

Feedback, suggestions, bug reports, mild insults, etc. are extremely welcome. Please deliver them via a GitHub message.