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Morphology database

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The repository contains an SQLite database, containing the morphological data based on tables available at

The database is located at ithkuil/morphology/morphology.db. It's structure is presented on the diagram below:

Morphology database diagram

The important tables are as follows:

  • ith_wordtype - represents the type of a word (formative, verbal adjunct etc.). Each word type has a number of slots, which are the basic morphological units.
  • ith_slot - represents the morphological slot in a word. In every word one slot can only be occupied by one morpheme, with the exception of the suffix slots (VxC), which have to be occupied by two morphemes - one consonantal and one vocalic (type + degree).
  • ith_morpheme - those are the various morphemes, which can be used to fill the slots.
  • ith_morpheme_slot - this table contains the allowed slot-morpheme combinations.
  • ith_category - represents the grammatical categories of Ithkuil.
  • ith_categvalue - contains the possible values of the grammatical categories. For example, category Configuration has 9 possible values.
  • ith_atom - in some words, the meanings aren't conveyed by single slots, but by combinations of them. An atom represents such a combination by being related to various morpheme-slot pairs and is connected to its meaning in the form of one or more category values.
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