Boundary Element Method code for solving acoustic equations.
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AcousticBEM is a small library and example programs for solving the acoustic Helmholtz equation using the Boundary Element Method. The library is a re-implementation of the core components of Stephen Kirkup's ABEM Fortran library and its example programs. The original Fortran code and the book "The Boundary Element Method in Acoustics" are available on his website:

Directory Structure

All the project's code is in subdirectories of the repository. The papers directory contains PDF files of the aforementioned book by S. Kirkup as well as two of his later papers relating to BEM in Acoustics.

The Fortran directory contains Kirkup's original Fortan 77 code. There are rudimentary makefiles for building the executables.

The Python subdirectory contains all the Python library code.

The C subdirectory contains C implementations of the discrete integral operators. These methods are accessible via Python native method invocation. The Python files allow configuring using these optimized versions over the Python implementation and optimized is the default setting of the code as it is checked in.

The Jupyter subdirectory contains a number of Jupyter notebooks that implement the example programs from the original Fortan library. The checked in versions contain results and can be view in Github.


For AcousticBEM, the only code requiring compilation are the integration methods and the methods implementing the discrete integral operators (L, N, M, Mt in 2D, 3D, and RAD variations). The Hankel functions used in this code are provided by the GNU Scientific Library (GSL). On an Ubuntu system, this can be installed via apt-get and that is the only dependency requiring attention.

The original Fortran code also requires the GSL library, which has Fortran bindings called fgsl. makefile in Fortran directory allows to download, configure, compile and install gsl with fgsl. make in this directory will first ensure that these two libraries are available, and then will compile Fortran programs. For the time being, programs AMBEM2 and AMBEM3 are disabled because they rely on NAG function f02akf, that is not shipped with gfortran compiler.