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Orolo, yet another clock menulet

The menulet does not show anything until there is something in your iCal nearby (either a start or the end of the event). Then it shows the event title and slowly changes its color from black to user defined (fade-in), and after the event has passed, back to black (fade-out). In addition, by hotkey you can briefly look at current time, look how long it is untill the closest event in the future (not further than a day), and switch to a real-time mode, when the menulet is indistinguishable from system clock.

Release history


  • Click on event to go to iCal
  • A way to specifically mark events (like, process only start date etc). Notes maybe?
  • Set the interval between timer updates in Preferences (governs the smoothness of color change)
  • Show date/weekday near the clock
  • Make text in status bar more aesthetical
  • Use sliders for intervals in Preferences?
  • Set global hotkeys in Preferences
  • Fix possible bug when the timer for Constant Real Time may not be initialized if the call is very close to the whole minute border


  • Removed all hardcoding
  • Added localization stub
  • Added "Show time till closest event" and "Always real time" mode
  • Placing menu item to the right of the clock


Initial version.


Occasionally synchronous clock menulet for Mac



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