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This includes o/ports o/mero o/x and o/live as used in the Octopus.
These programs can be used on Inferno as distributed.
See man/1/olive and man/4/omero for details and examples.
A copy of the manual is at
You may install the octopus (or just its binaries) and then use
just Omero and Olive if you want to. See INSTALL.Octopus
Quick example (from the olive(1) man page):
# create mount points if they do not exist
% mkdir -p /mnt/ui /mnt/ports
# start the event delivery service
% o/ports
# start the window system
% o/mero
# create a screen/session
% mkdir /mnt/ui/main
# start the shell and browser
% o/x
# open a viewer
% o/live