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Thumbnails for ImageFields in django admin.
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This is a package developed to help you with ImageField visualization in your ModelAdmin. It automatically creates user friendly thumbnail for any ImageField you choose to put in your list_display.

All you have to do is to switch from ModelAdmin to ThumbAdmin subclass. It's super easy to use:

The Looks

This is how it looks when you hover your cursor over an ImageField column:

The Looks


Insert admin_thumbnail to the end of your INSTALLED_APPS in


Now, your ModelAdmin must look like this::

from models import ModelExample
from admin_thumbnail import thumb_admin
from django.contrib import admin

class ModelExampleAdmin(thumb_admin.ThumbAdmin):
    list_display = ('an_image_field',)

admin.register(ModelExample, ModelExampleAdmin)

After that you must create your DB table that manages the cached thumbnails:

python syncdb

If you're using south you'll need to initialise sorl.thumbnail's migrations:

python schemamigration sorl.thumbnail --initial
python migrate sorl.thumbnail --database=$DATABASE_NAME

If your $DATABASE_NAME is not default, and you're using a (DB router)[], you should add a key named thumbnail to your database mapping dictionary!

Yes! It's THAT simple!


Please, first read the sorl.thumbnail installation to install it's requirements.

Install using pip:

pip install django-admin-thumbnail

Or you can clone the project and install it via:

python install



django-admin-thumbnail is localizable, but currently, the only officially supported languages are pt_BR, en_US and es. But feel free to localize it the way you want and then, send me the .po file for it to be official.


If you have any comments, ideas questions, feedback, etcetera, email me and we'll be in touch. I'm