Yet another CouchDB HTTP API wrapper for Go
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fjl couchdb: fix options encoding
JSON keys are now handled explicitly, which is how CouchDB
does it internally. This means that fewer types are supported
(e.g. nil is always rejected if the option is not a known JSON option).
Latest commit 1f327c2 Jul 4, 2014

What's this?

go-couchdb is yet another CouchDB client written in Go. It was written because all the other ones didn't provide functionality that I need.

The API is not fully baked at this time and may change.

This project contains three Go packages:

package couchdb GoDoc

import ""

This wraps the CouchDB HTTP API.

package couchapp GoDoc

import ""

This provides functionality similar to the original couchapp tool, namely compiling a filesystem directory into a JSON object and storing the object as a CouchDB design document.

package couchdaemon GoDoc

import ""

This package contains some functions that help you write Go programs that run as a daemon started by CouchDB, e.g. fetching values from the CouchDB config.


You can run the unit tests with go test.

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