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Tranquil is a Live Coding environment for the Macintosh. It uses Lua as it's language. It is still in extremely early development and at this stage will not be anything more than amusing to anyone except those who want to help with it's development.


If you want to try it out you can test the following code:

scene.clear() -- Deletes all objects in the scene when the script is run
c = buildCube() -- Creates a cube primitive and adds it to the scene
everyFrame(function() -- Runs the passed block after redraw
  withPrimitive(c, function() -- Sets the active primitive to c
    rotate(0.05, vec3(0.3,1,0.3)) -- Applies a rotation to the transform of the current state

And press ⌘+R. You should end up with a rotating cube (You can spin it around by dragging the mouse).

I also post occasional videos/screenshots to http://fjolnir.asgeirsson.is/tranquil/ which, due to the nature of the application also include the source code for themselves.


Tranquil is implemented as a tiny core application which then relies on plugin to provide all it's functionality. Currently the following are included:

  • Graphics – Provides methods to draw primitive 3 dimensional shapes.
  • Audio – A spectral analyzer.
  • MIDI – A MIDI clock that synchronizes with an external clock source.

The inspiration for this project was a fantastic application called Fluxus.