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Hotkeys do nothing #29

pikajude opened this Issue · 4 comments

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So when I launch xnomad the first thing it does is print this:

File 8~/.xnomad8 not found

It tiles windows properly (including added ones) but pressing the hotkeys just gives me the OSX error "ping" sound and nothing happens.

The contents of ~/.xnomad/xnomad.default are the same as the file in the repo.


I did the same thing as you did. It turns out that ~/.xnomad should be the copy of xnomad.default, and not a repertory.


the config file itself should be named ~/.xnomad -- not in a directory named .xnomad

the wording in the documentation is just a tiny bit unclear... that combined with user expectations coming from xmonad will probably make this a common error


I just did the same thing. The promise of this manager was good enough to stick through the annoyance. Hope this gets clarified nonetheless.


There is no configuration file anymore, so I'm closing this

@fjolnir fjolnir closed this
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