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Setup a non-secured shared folder with Samba
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Setup a non-secured shared folder with Samba

This script is to setup a quick and dirty shared folder on Linux without any security restrictions. This is ideal for local Linux installations such as a Raspberry Pi, or a Virtual Machine run on a (secured) host.

If you're a bit more serious about security, this script will not help you.

How to use this script:

  1. Install Samba: sudo apt-get install samba
  2. Create a user: sudo adduser yourname
  3. Go to samba folder: cd /etc/samba
  4. Enter: sudo vi
  5. Press "i" to go to insert mode
  6. Copy the text from the script here on Github and paste the text into Putty or terminal emulation
  7. Hit Escape and enter: ":x" (without double quotes)
  8. Enter: chmod u+rwx
  9. Enter: ./ yourname

The script will configure /home/yourname/share as your shared folder.

If you drop files in this share, or create directories, then these items will receive file permissions, which will never obstruct you.

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