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Memcached version of Google App Engine asynchronous urlfetch. Just get the returned rpc object and use it as if it was the original one.

Author: fjsj -

Example (making an async request to Facebook Graph API):

_1_HOUR = 3600
def async_request(self, callback, path, args=None, post_args=None):
    if not args: args = {}
    if self.access_token:
        if post_args is not None:
            post_args["access_token"] = self.access_token
            args["access_token"] = self.access_token
    post_data = None if post_args is None else urllib.urlencode(post_args)
    rpc = urlfetch.create_rpc(deadline=10)
    def handle_result():
        result = rpc.get_result()
        response = simplejson.loads(result.content)
        if response.get("error"):
            raise GraphAPIError(response["error"]["type"],
    rpc.callback = handle_result
    rpc = urlfetch_cached.make_fetch_call(
            rpc     = rpc,
            url     = "" + path + "?" + urllib.urlencode(args),
            payload = post_data,
            method  = 'POST' if post_data else 'GET',
            _expire_time = _1_HOUR
    return rpc