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This project's intention is to allow a way the developers to create unit tests for their WSO2 ESB Projects. This project considers a sequence as an unit to be tested.

This Project was inspired by this blog post.

WSO2 provides a Test Automation Framework, but the documentation is not very clear (in my point of view) and seems a little bit complex.

Tested On

  • WSO2 EI 6.1.0

How To Install

In order to use the Utilty API, we need to build the car file and deploy it to the WSO2 ESB/EI server.

We need to:

cd WSO2UnitTestParent
mvn clean install

And deploy the car file genereated to the WSO2 ESB/EI Server. The car file can be found at:


How To Use it

Once the application is deployed to the server, we can issue http requests to the API Exposed by the application:


The API expects only HTTP POST requests with a JSON Payload similar to the one below:

"payload" : "<abc xmlns=\"\"><text>123</text></abc>",
"requestType": "xml",
"responseType": "xml"
"properties": [
        "value": "ABC",
        "scope": "default",
"sequences": [

It is a simple JSON with the following properties:

  • payload: The Payload that will be handled by the sequence that will be executed;
  • requestType: The type of the request payload. It can be xml or json;
  • responseType: The type of the response payload. It can be xml or json;
  • properties: An array of the properties that are used inside the sequence;
  • sequences: An array of the sequences to be executed. For this initial version it allows only one sequence;

The basic idea around this is:

  • define a sequence to be executed;
  • define the payload the sequence will handle. It can be xml or json;
  • define properties that the sequence is expecting;

This API will provide a response like below:

    "payload": "<abc xmlns=\"\"><text>123</text></abc>",
    "requestType": "xml",
	"responseType": "xml",
    "properties": [
            "name": "PROP1",
            "value": "ABC",
            "type": "STRING",
            "scope": "default"
            "name": "IS_VALID",
            "value": "true",
            "type": "STRING",
            "scope": "default"
            "name": "OP_PROP",
            "value": "opProp",
            "type": "STRING",
            "scope": "operation"
    "sequences": [

It has the same properties as the request, the differences will be:

  • The payload is the one resulting after executing the sequence;
  • The properties array contains all the default and operation scoped properties set after executing the sequence;

With this approache we can use some automation tool to issue the requests and check the response. We can use for example Postman to create requests and tests;


This project is not a replacement to WSO2 TAF, it was just another way I found to test the sequences of the projects;


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