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Seek, a small javascript framework on node.js

Seek is being developed with just one sole purpose: gaining experience with server-side javascript and a more deep understanding of current popular MVC web frameworks. The current status is pre-pre-pre alpha :D, making Seek not ready for production.


Seek is a mixture of functionalities borrowed from some production-ready frameworks(no, not from rails) and currently includes:

  • Routing(similar to Django and Kohana)
  • Basic Controllers and filters
  • Views(based on ejs)
  • basic javascript class system
  • no global namespace pollution(only one object is global - Packagr, which adds the possibility to load different modules from a specific location)
  • Error handling
  • and more to come...


Seek can be installed using npm - for the moment it will only be available from here. When i'll decide that Seek is ready, then it will become available via npm install.


Seek has the following package dependencies:


If you want to help or just want to mess around with Seek please contact me - i would be very happy to collaborate.

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