A data structure similar to Finger Trees. In Clojure.
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Simpler Finger Trees in Clojure

Finger Trees are awesome. But they could be simpler and even more awesome and versatile.

Finger Trees in Clojure right now

The current implementation of finger trees in Clojure is a faithful re-implementation of the original paper by Paterson and Hinze. But is the structure of finger trees described there really the optimum?

Simpler Finger Trees

This repository is a work-in-progress effort to develop a data structure that follows the basic idea behind finger trees and obeys the same Big-O properties for all operations, but is simpler and more general:

  • Use fewer cases (Seed/Tree instead of Empty/Single/Deep) to allow easier definition in OO languages (done)
  • Decouple Finger Trees from 2-3 Nodes and allow arbitrary container structures (partially done)
  • Allow "Monoid-mixing" to create new Finger Trees from pre-defined blocks


This is only a research project right now. Do not use it. (It's a miracle it even compiles...)


Copyright © 2013 Frederic Kettelhoit

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.