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.ci [ci] upload all files fixing missing lib link May 24, 2018
app-admin [app-admin/linode-cli] add Python 3.6 Jul 26, 2018
app-editors/komodo-edit-bin [*] fix QA issues Jan 6, 2018
app-misc [app-misc/blinkstick] add Python 3.6 Jul 26, 2018
app-shells/elvish [app-shells/elvish] bump version to 0.12 Jul 23, 2018
dev-dotnet [*] fix QA issues Jan 6, 2018
dev-embedded [dev-embedded/teensyduino-bin] bump version to 1.43 and 1.44_beta2 Sep 15, 2018
dev-lang/kaitai-struct-compiler [dev-lang/kaitai-struct-compiler] bump version to 0.8 Feb 17, 2018
dev-python [net-analyzer/bro-sources] add Bro source code package because bro-pk… Sep 15, 2018
dev-ruby/manpages [dev-ruby/manpages] add metadata.xml Apr 23, 2018
dev-util [qa] appease repoman Feb 26, 2018
eclass refrain from setting unknown variables until pkg_setup Jul 2, 2017
games-action [*] fix QA issues Jan 6, 2018
games-arcade/nsnake [*] fix QA issues Jan 6, 2018
games-misc [games-misc/lolcat] bump version to 99.9.19 Aug 31, 2018
licenses [net-analyzer/splunk-bin] add version 7.1.1 May 25, 2018
media-gfx [media-gfx/maim] remove in favor of in-tree ebuild Aug 2, 2018
media-libs [media-libs/zita-resampler] bump version to 1.6.2 Sep 15, 2018
media-plugins [media-plugins/kodi-widevine] bump Chrome version Sep 15, 2018
media-sound [*] fix QA issues Jan 6, 2018
media-tv [media-tv/plex-media-server] Plex Media Server is now ava… Sep 21, 2018
media-video [media-video/v4l2loopback] bump version to 0.12.0 Jul 23, 2018
metadata [news] add info about moving ebuilds to Pentoo Feb 10, 2018
net-analyzer [net-analyzer/splunk-bin] bump version to 7.1.3 Sep 16, 2018
net-fs/pingfs [*] fix QA issues Jan 6, 2018
net-im/hangups [net-im/hangups] add version 0.4.5 Sep 15, 2018
net-mail/syncmaildir [*] fix QA issues Jan 6, 2018
net-p2p/zget [net-p2p/zget] add Python 3.6 Jul 26, 2018
profiles [media-tv/plex-media-server] Much faster (hopefully), smaller (mostly… Sep 17, 2018
sci-electronics [sci-electronics/eagle] bump version to 9.1.3 Sep 15, 2018
sci-physics/chipmunk [*] fix QA issues Jan 6, 2018
sys-apps [*] fix QA issues Jan 6, 2018
sys-boot [sys-boot/mkwin] bump version to 0.1.2 Jul 31, 2018
sys-firmware [*] fix QA issues Jan 6, 2018
sys-fs [sys-fs/udiskie] bump version to 1.7.5 May 24, 2018
sys-kernel/pf-sources [sys-kernel/pf-sources] bump version to 4.18-pf6 Sep 15, 2018
sys-libs/macbook12-spi-driver [sys-libs/macbook12-spi-driver] bump version to 20180916 Sep 18, 2018
www-plugins/geckodriver [*/*] appease repoman May 2, 2018
www-servers/pagekite [*] fix QA issues Jan 6, 2018
x11-misc [x11-misc/lemonbar] remove version 1.3 Aug 6, 2018
x11-themes [x11-themes/{moka,faba}-icon-theme] bump to -r1 Sep 18, 2018
.travis.yml [net-im/hangups] add version 0.4.5 Sep 15, 2018
README.md [readme] remove packages that are no longer in repo Jul 23, 2018
repositories.xml [metadata] remove git:// link from repositories.xml Dec 3, 2017



This is my Portage overlay where I dump all of the packages I create or modify. If anything is out of date or doesn't build on your system, create a new issue and attach a copy of the build log from a pastebin.

Build Status


The easiest way to add this overlay to your Portage tree is through layman.

# layman -a fkmclane



Plex [media-tv/plex-media-server, media-tv/plex-home-theater, media-tv/plex-media-player, media-tv/plexpy, media-video/plex-ffmpeg, media-plugins/plex-for-kodi, media-plugins/plex-kodi-connect]

Plex is a service that allows convenient access to central media over a variety of devices. Plex Media Player is a new desktop client for Plex that includes a nice ten-foot interface and is designed for connecting to the television. Note: Plex Pass users can add the "~amd64" or "~x86" keywords to the packages to get the latest Plex Pass versions.

Kodi Netflix [media-plugins/kodi-netflix]

Kodi Netflix is an Inputstream based Netflix plugin for Kodi.

v4l2loopback [media-video/v4l2loopback]

v4l2loopback is a kernel module to create V4L2 loopback devices. These can be used in conjunction with software (e.g. ffmpeg or gstreamer) to create a virtual webcam device.

Calf Studio Gear [media-plugins/calf]

Calf Studio Gear is a set of free and open source professional audio plug-ins. This package has an "experimental" use flag which enables experimental plugins.

GxPlugins [media-plugins/gxplugins-lv2]

GxPlugins are LV2 plugins for electric guitars from the Guitarix project.

midifilter.lv2 [media-plugins/midifilter-lv2]

midifilter.lv2 is an LV2 plugin to filter MIDI events.

ympd [media-sound/ympd]

ympd is a standalone MPD web GUI written in C, utilizing websockets and Bootstrap/JS.

OpenVR [media-libs/openvr]

OpenVR is an API and runtime for abstracting various VR hardware.

Discord [net-im/discord]

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers.

sK1 [media-gfx/sk1]

sK1 is an open-source illustration program that can substitute professional proprietary software like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.

Unified Remote Server [app-misc/urserver-bin]

Unified Remote is a universal remote control for your smartphone that can control over 100 applications. This package is the server component.

Airtame [media-tv/airtame-bin]

Airtame is a program to allow others to wirelessly connect to a screen.

Filebot [media-video/filebot]

Filebot is a tool for renaming TV shows, downloading subtitles, and validating checksums.


Armagetron Advanced [games-action/armagetronad, games-action/armagetronad-dedicated]

Armagetron Advanced is a fast-paced 3D implementation of lightcycles from the movie Tron. It features both single-player and multiplayer modes with online servers that have extensive configurability. This package includes the current stable release, 0.2.8, and the current bzr snapshot, 0.4.

Nyancat [games-misc/nyancat]

Nyancat is a CLI implementation of the famous poptart cat.

pipes.sh [games-misc/pipes]

pipes.sh is an animated pipes terminal screensaver. This package installs it with the command 'pipes'.

nSnake [games-arcade/nsnake]

nSnake is a clone of the classic snake game on the terminal.

Lolcat [games-misc/lolcat]

Lolcat is a program to lolcat-ize your terminal output.

git-fire [games-misc/git-fire]

git-fire is for saving your code in Git in case of an emergency.


Sync Mail Dir [net-mail/syncmaildir]

Sync Mail Dir (smd) is a set of tools to synchronize a pair of mailboxes in Maildir format. It is useful for IMAP-less client-server mail synchronization and for Maildir transistion.

cronic [app-misc/cronic]

cronic is a cure for cron's chronic email problem. It is a small shell script that helps to control cron's email output by wrapping commands and only showing program output on failure.

tty-clock [app-misc/tty-clock]

tty-clock is a versatile clock in the terminal using ncurses.

create_ap [app-misc/create_ap]

create_ap is a script that creates a NATed or bridged WiFi access point given an Ethernet connection.

lemonbar [x11-misc/lemonbar]

lemonbar is a featherweight, lemon-scented, bar based on xcb.

zget [net-p2p/zget]

zget is a zeroconf based peer to peer file transfer utility. It uses filenames to locate and transfer files instead of hostnames or IP addresses.

BlinkStick [app-misc/blinkstick]

BlinkStick is a class of smart USB LED controllers. This package contains the command line client and Python module.

udiskie [sys-fs/udiskie]

udiskie is a udisks front-end for removable media such as CDs or flash drives.

petty [sys-apps/petty]

petty, short for practically enhanced tty, is a tty session starter.

barline [x11-misc/barline]

barline is a data collector and bar generator for lemonbar.

GoTTY [app-misc/gotty-bin]

GoTTY is tools to run command line programs as web applications.

Wemux [app-misc/wemux]

Wemux is multi-user tmux made easy.

pass-otp [app-admin/pass-otp]

Wemux is a pass plugin for managing OTP tokens.


Linode CLI [app-admin/linode-cli]

Linode CLI is a command-line interface to the Linode platform.

UniFi Controller [net-wireless/unifi]

UniFi Controller is a management controller and inferface for the Ubiquiti Networks UniFi access points.

Operating System

exfat-nofuse [sys-fs/exfat-nofuse]

exfat-nofuse is a non-FUSE kernel driver for exFat and VFat file systems.

πfs [sys-fs/pifs]

πfs is an esoteric data-free filesystem.

pingfs [sys-fs/pingfs]

pingfs is an esoteric filesystem that stores your data in the cloud for free.

exfat-nofuse [sys-fs/exfat-nofuse]

exfat-nofuse is a non-FUSE kernel driver for exFat and VFat file systems.

Elvish [app-shells/elvish]

Elvish is a novel, expressive Unix shell.


Unity Editor [dev-util/unity-editor]

Unity Editor is the editor for making games with the Unity game engine.

Arduino [dev-embedded/arduino-bin]

Arduino is an electronics prototyping platform designed from easy-to-use hardware and software.

Teensyduino [dev-embedded/teensyduino-bin]

Teensyduino is a modified Arduino environment that supports the Teensy line on boards.

Energia [dev-embedded/energia-bin]

Energia is an electronics prototyping platform for Texas Instruments MSP430 LaunchPad based on Wiring and Arduino.

FFDec [dev-util/ffdec]

FFDec is an open-source Flash SWF decompiler and editor.

Komodo Edit [app-editors/komodo-edit-bin]

Komodo Edit is a simple, polyglot editor that provides the basic functionality you need for programming.

Vex [dev-python/vex]

Vex is a command to manage and run commands in virtualenvs.

Twine [dev-python/twine]

Twine is a collection of utilities for interacting with PyPI.


Chipmunk2D [sci-physics/chipmunk]

Chipmunk2D is a simple, lightweight, fast and portable 2D rigid body physics library.

Slixmpp [dev-python/slixmpp]

Slixmpp is a Python library for XMPP. It is the asyncio fork of SleekXMPP


A Widget Factory [x11-misc/awf]

A Widget Factory is a theme preview application that shows most GTK+ widgets for both versions 2 and 3.

Arc Theme [x11-themes/arc-openbox-theme]

Arc Theme is a flat GTK+ theme with transparent elements.


Freeroute [sci-electronics/freeroute]

Freeroute is a popular automatic PCB routing tool.

Fritzing [sci-electronics/fritzing-bin]

Fritzing is an open-source hardware initiative that makes electronics accessible as a creative material for anyone.

Eagle [sci-electronics/eagle]

Eagle is a popular schematic and PCB layout editor.