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My Rails Skeleton

This is a project skeleton for easily bootstraping my Rails apps.

Getting Stared

This project works with a dependency on RVM. Before cloning this repo, please check out your RVM installation and set up your ruby environment like specified on project's .rvmrc file.

After that, clone this project wherever you want and, within project folder, customize Gemfile for your needs and run the following

bundle install --path vendor --binstubs

Project configuration

Before you make your first commit to git repository, don't forget to make changes for your needs through this ./git/config repository file.

After that, you should set your project namespace through project config files within /config folder and on project root.

Also, don't forget to make a copy of config/database.yml.sample and complete your specific DB configuration.


In the development environment, I use the gem mailcatcher as a SMTP service to send project e-mail messages. This way, I avoid a lot of configuration to just test ActionMailer messaging. For more information on how to configure and use this gem, checkout mailcatcher github repo.


This project is already configured to be suported by Travis-CI. Altough, when cloning this repo, if you want to enable Travis-CI support in your project, you should enable it on Github Service Hook. The references for Travis configuration are listed bellow:

Travis-CI - Getting Started

Travis-CI - Building a Ruby Project

Also is needed to change your username / reponame on the top of this doc to enable Travis-CI status to your repo.


This repo is based on fnando Rails-Skeleton. My greetins to him for sharing his knowledge.

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