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GeNeric Moocs & coursEs Development Environment


This project is a small environment that allows one to develop a course and generate automatically a compagnon web site from metadata. Such courses can then be deployed on some home page.

This environment also allows deployment of the courses into the France Université Numérique platform (openedx?).

Directory content

ConstructionData: it contains the metadata for your course. At this stage, it contains a small example. All the configuration files are structured in subdirectories, so please have a look to the local readme.txt file.

Scripts: it contains the scripts used to build - the map of the course - the companion web site - the archive to be deployed on France Université Numérique - and more later? ;-)

Website: the minimum files for the web site (others are generated). Basically, you should only change the content of content/entree.html that describes the course you want to deploy. The rest is generated automaically from the metadata you provide in the ConstructionData directory

MPORTANT: please use only the make command from this directory to generate either the companion web site or the archive for your MOOC/distance learning infrastructure. type "make" toget a minimal help.


type "make" to discover the options of the Makefile.


All of this is at a quite early stage, even if development started in 2014... a lot of modification was done and there is a need for setting up a more proper version.

Sorry, most of it is still in french (procrastination and lack of time ;-). I have added some "readme.txt" files in english to help people navigate and understand the meaning of the main files in the ConstructionData directory.

PS: all of this was tested under a Mac running MacOS 10.9

PPS: at this stage, perl package Roman is required (, as well as dot, from Graphviz (