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Welcome to the CSE145-Maya-Archeology-Project wiki! Here we will be detailing our current progress, as well as outlining the project. Quick links will be provided at the bottom of the page in order to access more detailed information.

Taken from the engineers for exploration link below this project aims to:

Lower the cost of digital documentation of Maya ruins by experimenting with data collection methods, and expand distribution by creating visualizations. These methods include using SLAM algorithms to process the data obtained from RGBD sensors such as Realsense Cameras and Kinect devices.

Past Progress

Most of the past progress has been documented and introduced in the following webpage . With this link you will find the motivation behind the entire project as well as past methods utilized to capture ancient mayan temples and replicate them in a 3 dimensional environment. Contacts and project leads will be listed as well as a concise set of general goals in terms of the project at a top level.

Something important to note is that this project intends to be an iteration in preparation for the next excursion this coming June. As such the project needs to be completed soon. The improvements we are mainly looking to tackle are to create a 3D map capturing device that will be able to render the 3D image in real time in order for the person scanning the tunnel to see whether or not they missed a spot. Additionally another main goal is to improve on past post processing algorithms an methods to synthesize the data through testing of different Simultaneous Localization and Mapping algorithms (SLAM). Essentially these are the methods the process the information gathered and create the 3D image to be seen eventually in VR applications.

Current Progress

Current progress is split into two teams. The main focus here is the creation of the Jetson TX2 based capturing device and supporting its hardware as well as software.

Project Links

Jetson TX2

VNC Laptop and Backpack

Lighthouse and Laptop System

Project Presentations


SLAM Algorithms

Capture Platforms

Lighthouse system

TX2 System

Jetson TX2 Portable Power Supply

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