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Script to create Debian Squeeze Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)

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Latest Debian 6.0.1 "squeeze" AMIs provided by Camptocamp

Region / Location Server 32-bits (instance-store) Server 64-bit (instance-store)
us-east-1 / US ami-aa46b4c3 ami-de46b4b7
us-west-1 / us-west-1 ami-a30655e6 ami-a70655e2
eu-west-1 / EU ami-17447363 ami-2b44735f
ap-southeast-1 / ap-southeast-1 ami-68c4ba3a ami-6ac4ba38
ap-northeast-1 / ap-northeast-1 ami-a0e44ea1 ami-9ee44e9f


This script builds, bundles, and uploads an Debian AMI for Amazon EC2.

This script is a fork of ec2ubuntu-build-ami available here:


This script creates a bundle from the running system with the kernel, the grub config and the kernel modules.


These scripts are forked from and adapted for debian squeeze (mostly made compatible with insserv).

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