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@@ -41,25 +41,10 @@ a single argument will be taken.
The scripts executed need to do their own permission checks, they will work with
the credentials of the current MidCOM instance unconditionally.

Example: http://$host/midcom-exec-midcom/update_storage.php
Example: http://$host/midcom-exec-midcom/purge_deleted.php

<b>string cache</b>

May take one of the following values: "invalidate" will clear the cache of the
current site, "nocache" will bypass the cache for the current request by
calling $this->cache->content->no_cache();

<b>mixed log</b>

Shows the contents of the current debuglog. You have to enable this interface
by setting the config option <i>log_tailurl_enable</i> to true.
Note, that this method is using the debug log path
of the current MidCOM logger automatically, it is not possible to switch to
another logfile dynamically due to security reasons. The parameter can be
either "all" which will yield the complete log (beware of huge logfiles), or
an integer, which is the number of lines counting from the file backwards you
want to display (this uses the systems tail command via exec).

NOTE: This function is limited by PHP's memory limit, as the (f)passthru
functions are really intelligent and try to load the complete file into memory
instead streaming it to the client.

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