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flack committed Feb 2, 2019
1 parent 916d016 commit b1d4c83f5886b407b38c37ea5cee768b266fa665
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  1. +2 −10 lib/midcom/services/cache/main.php
@@ -147,28 +147,20 @@ public function invalidate_all()
* Invalidates all cache records associated with a given content object.
* @param mixed $guid This is either a GUID or a MidgardObject, in which case the Guid is auto-determined.
* @param string $skip_module If specified, the module mentioned here is skipped during invalidation.
* This option <i>should</i> be avoided by component authors at all costs, it is there for
* optimizations within the core cache modules (which sometimes need to invalidate only other
* modules, and invalidate themselves implicitly).
public function invalidate($guid, $skip_module = '')
public function invalidate($guid)
$object = null;
if (is_object($guid)) {
$object = $guid;
$guid = $guid->guid;
$guid = $object->guid;
if (empty($guid)) {
debug_add("Called for empty GUID, ignoring invalidation request.");
foreach ($this->_modules as $name => $module) {
if ($name == $skip_module) {
debug_add("We have to skip the cache module {$name}.");
debug_add("Invalidating the cache module {$name} for GUID {$guid}.");
$module->invalidate($guid, $object);

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