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Releases: flack/openpsa


09 Dec 18:18
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  • more DI/HttpFoundation integration
  • replace Swfitmailer with symfony mailer
  • update jquery, elfinder, fullcalendar, tinymce, codemirror, replace simplemde with easymde
  • datamanager & workflow UI: extensibility & robustness improvements
  • RCS usability & robustness improvements
  • decouple Asgard forms from frontend renderer
  • added php8.2/8.3 support, dropped php7.3 support
  • improved error handling in query functions
  • typehints galore


22 May 15:41
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Bump version


22 May 14:08
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  • PHP 8.1+ support (minimum version bumped to 7.3)
  • refactoring/decoupling for individually installable components
  • improved RCS UI
  • cachebusting support
  • dependency updates & support for newer versions
  • many, many small optimizations, usability improvements, simplifications, and cleanups


31 Dec 17:11
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  • full Symfony Kernel + DI container integration
  • Git backend for RCS service
  • Monolog integration
  • Symfony 5 support
  • updated elfinder, fancytree, tinymce, galleria, fullcalendar
  • dropped PHP 7.0 support


22 Dec 10:31
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  • completed migration to HTTPKernel
  • "Lazy loading" support for head elements
  • JS modernizations for better startup performance
  • dropped PHP 5 compatibility
  • the usual vast array of small performance & usability improvements, cleanups and simplifications


04 Jul 18:50
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  • integration of HTTPKernel
  • DM improvements
  • midcom-console integration
  • update JS dependencies (elFinder, fullCalendar, CodeMirror, etc)
  • enhanced ACL editor & Deleted Object handling in Asgard
  • the usual host of simplifications, cleanups, and performance improvements


22 Dec 15:52
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  • switched component routing to Symfony
  • switched from PNG icons to FontAwesome
  • improved datamanager backwards compatibility & make more Symfony functionality available
  • improved offer creation & tracking workflow in Sales
  • updated JS dependencies (elFinder, fancyTree, jQgrid, tinyMCE)
  • the usual assortment of bug fixes, UX improvements, cleanups & refactorings


03 Mar 10:37
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  • updated JS dependencies (TinyMCE, elFinder, fancytree)
  • improved IDE autocompletion support for DBA properties
  • switch from memcache to memcached extension
  • improved support for more exotic DM2 configurations in datamanager
  • the usual vast array of small usability improvements, simplifications, performance improvements and bug fixes


03 Oct 14:17
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  • Convert all intree components to new Symfony Forms-based datamanager
  • update bundled JS dependencies (elFinder, CodeMirror)
  • implement support for subtasks in project management & sales/invoicing
  • basic iCal create & edit support
  • more testcases and improved coverage
  • unbundling of optional components (DM2, tmp service, positioning)
  • Converted content cache & attachment serving to Symfony HTTP Foundation
  • many cleanups, API streamlining, small fixes and simplifications


18 Jun 16:17
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  • removed mgd extension support
  • updated bundled JS libraries (elFinder, tinyMCE, jqueryUI, fullCalendar, fancytree, jqGrid)
  • begin rolling out Doctrine-based performance improvements
  • PDF generation for offers
  • compatibility improvements for new datamanager
  • improved RCS UI & consistency in associated serializers
  • groundwork for resource support in o.o.calendar
  • improved security with better random generators & encryption
  • many, many cleanups, streamlining, fixes & usability improvements