Context Data

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Context data consists of component-specific data accessible through MidCOM in the following form:


Optionally, you can supply a context id to get information from a different context than the current:


Component Context Keys

  • MIDCOM_CONTEXT_ANCHORPREFIX: URL Anchor prefix relevant for dynamically loaded components, it includes a trailing slash and will give you the absolute URL to the requested URI of the system. (NOTE: This is not the URI to the component's topic, but the URI you would normally build relative URLs if your component was the primary one.)
  • MIDCOM_CONTEXT_SUBSTYLE: Currently selected substyle, usually extracted from a URL prefix.
  • MIDCOM_CONTEXT_ROOTTOPIC: The root topic object used to process this request.
  • MIDCOM_CONTEXT_CONTENTTOPIC: The Topic object displayed in this request.
  • MIDCOM_CONTEXT_COMPONENT: The name of the component handling this request.
  • MIDCOM_CONTEXT_OUTPUT: The HTML Data emitted by the component's run.
  • MIDCOM_CONTEXT_NAP: The MidCOM NAP Interface Class responsible for this context.
  • MIDCOM_CONTEXT_PAGETITLE: The Title of the current web page
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