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MidCOM's Datamanager (usually abbreviated as DM) is a library used for automatic form rendering and the display of the associated data. It handles the conversion to and from storage (usually MidCOM DBA objects), allows for validation, locking and a number of other features, like the built-in RCS service.


The functionality Datamanager offers is controlled by Datamanager Schemas. In them, fields of MgdSchema based content objects can be associated with storage locations (i.e. where should the field's value be saved), data types (number, text, date etc.), widgets (checkbox, select, textarea and so on) to be used in form rendering and a number of other characteristics. The schema association of objects is tracked in Parameters of the relevant object.

The schema files are used to render forms, but also to create content objects for display. Using these datamanager objects save the component author some trouble as they for example automatically resolve mnrelation types and offer HTML strings ready for output. They also interact with the MidCOM i18n framework, so that rendered are automatically localized (if the respective strings exist in the language database.)

Symfony Form methods can be used to customize the form rendering, and to add new widgets

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