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This [Purecode Component](Purecode Components) holds the second generation of the Datamanager. It is configurable via [Datamanager Schemas](Datamanager Schemas).


Widgets can be used in any forms or views by specifying the widget for one field in the DM2 Schema definition. Most of widgets only work with a few or just one data type. A widget is defined as a class extending midcom_helper_datamanager2_widget:

Standard HTML Widgets

  • checkbox - creates HTML input type="checkbox"
  • hidden - creates HTML input type="hidden"
  • password - creates HTML input type="password"
  • radiocheckselect - creates HTML input type="radio" or type="checkboxs"
  • select - creates HTML select
  • text - creates HTML input type="text"
  • textarea - creates HTML textarea

Specialized Widgets

Javascript Widgets

AJAX widgets


Datamanager2 supports a number of types, each of which is defined is a class extending midcom_helper_datamanager2_type.