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This Component provides a contact management system for OpenPSA. It is used by other parts of the system wherever person- or group-specific information is processed. The component's features include

  • Management of contacts and organizations
  • a personal shortlist of contacts
  • search functionality
  • automatic hooks to recognize duplicate entries.
  • Integration into OpenPSA's relatedto system.

Microformat support

If entries include a homepage link, contacts will automatically (via a entry) search the URL for microformats and extract information if possible.

Contacts uses org.openpsa.widgets to display entries in a hCard-compatible microformat.

Data Structure


Contacts are an extension to the MidCOM Persons class, but user accounts for entries are disabled by default (i.e. new contacts cannot log into OpenPSA, but the administrator could grant access rights later). Contacts can be associated with one or more organizations


Organizations are an extension of the builtin MidCOM Groups), and are itself a hierarchical tree structure.

Memberships are handled with the builtin MidCOM core classes as well.


This component also provides an ACL interface where access and edit rights for the different parts of the OpenPSA system can be set for users and groups.