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This component provides an invoice management system for OpenPSA. Invoices can be created automatically based on data received from deliverables and/or tasks or manually based on user input. The invoicing component can automatically generate PDFs (provided that the custom layout code has been added) and send them by email. It allows you to track the invoice's status and do reportings on the data later on.

Data Structure


Invoices are the main object of the component, they hold all relevant information, like invoice numbers, a link to the client, VAT and due date settings as well as invoice status (unsent, sent, overdue, paid)

Invoice Item

Invoice items are the individual billable items that add up to the total invoice sum. Invoice items are usually connected to a deliverable and possibly a task and contain a textual description as well as the price per unit and the quantity. Updating invoice items will automatically update the invoice as well.

Billing Data

The billing data table holds invoicing settings specific to a certain client. For example, their bank details, the preferred method of invoice delivery, the client's address and settings like the default VAT percentage to use are tracked here.