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This component provides a basic project management system for OpenPSA. The projects module supports workflow management features like the proposing of tasks to users (which can then accept or decline), approval, and others.

Workflow and Integration with other Components

Projects and tasks can be created manually or automatically when a new deliverable has been ordered in the sales support module. Tasks and projects can then be proposed to registered users, which can accept or decline them.

The project management can use the group calendar for scheduling needs, and wiki notes and as OpenPSA's document management system for tracking related information via the org.openpsa.relatedto library. Apart from that, hour reports are based on the project management data.

Once the task has been marked as closed, invoices can be created automatically for the customer.

Data Structure

The main objects are projects and tasks. They track the following information:

  • Basic Information: Task/Project title, description, project code, start and end date
  • Sales information: agreement (deliverable), customer (organization, (Customer) contacts for this task
  • Workflow Information: manager, resources (users working on this task/project), workflow status, estimate of work hours needed
  • affectsSaldo
  • expensesInvoiceableDefault
  • hoursInvoiceableDefault
  • orgOpenpsaAccesstype: Access control type
  • orgOpenpsaOwnerWg: owner organization
  • orgOpenpsaWgtype: OpenPSA object type
  • owner: owner organization
  • Totals for reported, invoiceable, invoiced and approved hour reports

Hour reports, which form the basis of invoice generation and reporting.