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vim-kitty - kitty config syntax highlighting for vim

Syntax highlighting for Kitty terminal config files.

Keywords based on v0.32.1

See screenshot for a visual explanation of what this plugin does.

File type detection

Any *.conf or *.session files in kitty's configuration directory is considered.

You can always add # vim:ft=kitty at the beginning of any file to make sure the syntax is loaded, or you can set it temporarily with :set ft=kitty.

Installation instructions


Plug 'fladson/vim-kitty'


use "fladson/vim-kitty"


Just clone the repo and copy the files to the proper folders.

# for vim
git clone /tmp/vim-kitty
mkdir -p ~/.vim/after/syntax/
mv /tmp/vim-kitty/syntax/* ~/.vim/after/syntax/
rm -rf /tmp/vim-kitty
# for nvim
git clone /tmp/vim-kitty
mkdir -p ~/.config/nvim/syntax
mkdir -p ~/.config/nvim/ftdetect
mkdir -p ~/.config/nvim/ftplugin
mv /tmp/vim-kitty/syntax/* ~/.config/nvim/syntax
mv /tmp/vim-kitty/ftdetect/kitty.vim ~/.config/nvim/ftdetect
mv /tmp/vim-kitty/ftplugin/kitty.vim ~/.config/nvim/ftplugin
rm -rf /tmp/vim-kitty